Identifying and Treating Ovarian Cysts


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An OBGYN physician practicing in Plano, TX, Dr. Keith Reisler offers a full range of services, including annual pap smears and abnormal menstrual bleeding. Keith Reisler MD, also diagnoses and treats women who have developed ovarian cysts. A relatively common health issue, cysts in the ovaries are experienced by most women once or more in their life.

Typically symptomless, ovarian cysts are often revealed during a routine pelvic exam and involve fluid-filled sacs test can form on one of the ovaries when the follicle, or egg sac, fails to dissolve after breaking open and allowing the egg out at the completion of a cycle. The sac can reseal and refill with fluid, which results in a corpus luteum cyst.

The majority of ovarian cysts are benign and simply go away untreated after a period of a few weeks. In cases of recurrent ovarian cysts, oral contraceptives are often effective in preventing new cysts and in minimizing the chances of ovarian cancer. Small cysts that persist can be removed surgically through laparoscopy, while large cysts require a laparotomy or large abdominal incision and removal.